Experience That Counts

Blue Clay’s Chief Investment Officer Gary Kohler has more than 30 years of investment experience ranging from managing Blue Clay’s alternative and long only portfolios, to managing family office assets at Okabena & Company, and hedge fund assets at Whitebox Advisors. Much of Mr. Kohler’s career has been focused on the small-cap equity markets covering many business cycles.


Fundamental Investors

Our investment theses are based on long-term business fundamentals and not the "quarter." Through fundamental valuation analysis we discover companies where the markets have mispriced underlying returns on capital, cash flows or growth opportunities. We apply our fundamental approach to the small- and mid-cap universe where we find greater market inefficiencies and more undiscovered opportunities.


Focus on Capital Preservation

We seek to generate equity returns while at the same time preserving capital. A focus on capital preservation drives portfolio construction and individual position decisions. Blue Clay utilizes a diversified portfolio construction to manage overall direction and net exposures with conservative application of leverage.